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 by Richard Pavlicek

This page contains bridge systems and convention cards, from the simplest Richard taught to beginners, to the complete Pavlicek System played with his regular partners. At the bottom are some of Richard’s bridge innovations and philosophical viewpoints.
Taught Systems
Basic Bridge CC
Basic Bridge II CC
Standard Bridge | PDF | CC
Standard “Plus 2” CC
Richard’s Favorite CC
Popular Conventions | PDF | CC
Current Systems
Pavlicek (full) | PDF | CC Pavlicek (short) | PDF | CC
Convention Cards
Richard and Jim
Richard and Mark
Richard and Rich
Richard and Ilan
Richard and Timo
Richard and Walter L
Richard and Cindy
Cindy and Walter S
RP System Practice
Major Suit Transfer
Minor Suit Stayman
Minor Suit Transfer
Three Diamonds Majors
One Club One Diamond
One Club One Heart
One Club One Spade
One Diamond One Heart
One Diamond One Spade
One Heart One Spade
One Notrump Forcing
One Diamond Two Clubs
Two over One Heart
Two over One Spade
After Major Raise
Two Club Opening
Weak Two-Bids
Two Notrump Opening
Three Notrump Opening
Preemptive Openings
Defense to One Notrump
Defense to Preempts
No Presets (blank settings)
RP System Exercises
RP System Quiz A
RP System Quiz B
Notrump Opening Leads
Suit Opening Leads
Pavlicek Weak Two-Bids
Two-Bids & Zoo-Bids | Deals
Three Diamonds 5-5 Majors
Transfers in Competition
One Notrump Forcing 6-14
Relay Major-Suit Game Try
Responses to Two Clubs
Weak Two-Bid Structure
Three Notrump Opening
Invisible Cue-Bids
Three-Level Cue-Bid Overcall
Junkyard Defense
Running Your Suit
Bidding Philosophy
Pavlicek Point Count
Disclosure vs. Concealment
Forcing vs. Limit Style
Forcing Style Expansion
Obsolete Systems
Pavlicek Classic | PDF | CC Eastern Scientific | PDF | CC

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