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Three-Level Cue Overcall

 by Richard Pavlicek

In a Nutshell

A common practice is to use a three-level cue-bid overcall (e.g., 1 H 3 H) to ask partner to bid 3 NT with a stopper in the enemy suit. Overcaller implies a long, running minor, needing only a stopper for nine tricks. A reasonable treatment, but too narrow in scope.

I define the bid more generally as any strong one-suiter (excluding the cue-bid suit). My intention could be the same (to reach 3 NT); or I could have a major suit intending to bid it next (thereby distinguishing a good hand versus a direct bid of game); or with extreme distribution, a minor suit with no desire to play in notrump. I also designed specialized responses, not only to show a stopper but to indicate the number of aces (slam is sometimes in reach).

For details refer to Three-Level Cue Overcall in the Pavlicek System notes.

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