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Weak Two-Bid Structure

 by Richard Pavlicek

In a Nutshell

I like to play aggressive (but sensible) weak two-bids, often with just a 5-card suit, but this can create problems when partner is the one with a good hand. Therefore, after a forcing 2 NT response, I use opener’s 3 C rebid to mean one thing: My suit is only 5 cards! Responder then can inquire further with 3 D to determine min/max.

When opener has a 6-card major, another innovation is to define the hand in three gradients, rather than the usual two. With a dog (you know what I mean) opener rebids his major. With an average or maximum hand, opener bids 3 D; then responder can return to three of the major to mean: Pass with average, continue with max.

For details refer to Weak Two Bids in the Pavlicek System notes.

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