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Transfers in Competition

  by Richard Pavlicek

In a Nutshell

In the mid 1970s the usual expert way to cope with an overcall of partner’s 1 NT opening involved the Lebensohl convention — an artificial 2 NT response that forced 3 C by opener, then responder could pass or show various hand types. A serious flaw in this method was the loss of the transfer aspect (unless responder has clubs), which is even more important after an overcall.

My solution was to define all bids from 2 NT through 3 H as transfers to the next higher suit, with the provision that transferring to the enemy suit becomes Stayman. Since a bid of 3 S is no longer needed, I use it artificially to ask for a stopper.

For details refer to Notrump Interference in the Pavlicek System notes.

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