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Junkyard Defense

  by Richard Pavlicek

In a Nutshell

Top-level bridge can be a nightmare with all the different gadgets people throw at you. Rather than devote time creating a defense to each one, I try to generalize whenever possible. My “junkyard defense” applies to artificial two-bids (see list below). The structure may not be best for all situations, but it’s at least reasonable; and most important, having uniform methods that apply throughout will avoid misunderstandings.

In Detail

The junkyard defense applies to opening two-bids that do not show 5+ cards in the suit bid nor a specific one-suited hand. The current list includes:

  1. Flannery 2 D (5+ hearts, 4 spades)
  2. Roman 2 C 2 D (3 unknown suits)
  3. Precision 2 D 2 H (3 known suits)
  4. Meckwell 2 H (3 suits, 2 of which known)
  5. Meckwell 2 S (weak preempt any suit)
  6. Multi 2 D (unknown major, may include strong option)

Note that Flannery 2 H (not included) is treated as a natural two-bid.

2 D1?

analogous for all such 2-bids
1. on junk list

Cue 2 level
Cue 3 level
Cue 4 level
2 NT
Jump suit
3 NT

15+ HCP, nondescript
two-suited overcall
three-level cue overcall
highest + other
13-18, 6+ (good 5) cards
15-18, usually 5+ minor (system on)
6+ strong cards, 1 trick shy of bid
15-20, usually long suit (natural responses)

Suit is a “cue-bid” only if opener showed 5+ cards in it, which for the current list would be only hearts for Flannery.

Pass followed by a double of a natural suit is takeout thru 4 D.

After enemy response

2 D1Pass2 NT?

analogous for all such 2-bids
1. on junk list

Anysame as above

2 D1Pass2 H2?

analogous for any NF suit response
1. on junk list
2. nonforcing


takeout thru 4 D
same as above

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