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 by Richard Pavlicek

In an effort to popularize bridge, Richard has made these lessons freely available online (in HTML format only) for study and reference. Material presented here is for beginning and intermediate players. If you are beyond that, go to my Advanced Lessons.

Topics are listed in the recommended study order. Click on each title for practice deals.
Beginner Level
IntroductionLesson  Exercise 1A131A53
Opening One-BidsLessonExercise 1A171A41
Responses to One Notrump LessonExercise 1B171B291B41
Responses to One of SuitLessonExercise 1C171C291C411C53
Rebids by OpenerLessonExercise 1D171D41
Declarer PlayLessonExercise 1E171E291E411E451E491E61
Bidding Review IExercise 1F171F411F53
Overcalls & DoublesLessonExercise 1G171G411G53
Higher Opening BidsLessonExercise 1H171H41
The Stayman ConventionLessonExercise 1J171J411J53
Bidding After a RaiseLessonExercise 1K171K291K411K53
Slam BiddingLessonExercise 1L171L41
Defensive PlayLessonExercise 1M211M291M411M53
Bidding Review IIExercise 1N171N411N53
Declarer Play ReviewExercise 1P171P291P411E531E57
Defensive Play ReviewExercise 1M171Q171Q291Q41
Intermediate Level
Opening One-BidsLessonExercise 2A172A292A412A81
Responses to One NotrumpLessonExercise 2B172B292B412B532B712B81
Responses to One of SuitLessonExercise 2C172C292C412C532C812C872C93
Rebids by OpenerLessonExercise 2D172D292D412D532D81
Rebids by ResponderLessonExercise 2E172E292E412E532E692E812E93
Bidding After a RaiseLessonExercise 2F172F292F412F53
Overcalls & DoublesLessonExercise 2G172G292G412G532G812G93
Coping with InterferenceLessonExercise 2H172H292H412H532H592H812H93
Preemptive BidsLessonExercise 2J172J292J412J53
Weak Two-BidsLessonExercise 2K172K292K41
Strong Opening BidsLessonExercise 2L172L292L412L812L87
Slam BiddingLessonExercise 2M172M292M412M532M812M93
Planning the Play (Notrump)LessonExercise 2N172N232N332N572N61
(Suits) LessonExercise 2N692N412N472N37
Finessing TechniqueLessonExercise 2P172P292P412P472P51
Using Your TrumpsLessonExercise 2Q172Q292Q412Q452Q492Q532Q57
Leads & Signals (Notrump)LessonExercise 2R172R292R692R81
(Suits) LessonExercise 2R332R412R532R692R87
Second Hand PlayLessonExercise 2S172S292S412S53
Defensive TacticsLessonExercise 2T172T232T292T412T532T772T81
Bidding Review IExercise 2U292U352U412U532U812U872V53
Bidding Review IIExercise 2V292V352V412V692V752V812V93
Play & Defense ReviewExercise 2W172W292W412W532W692W812W85
Duplicate BridgeLessonTeam Games

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