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 by Richard Pavlicek

From 2000 to 2006 Richard conducted 36 bidding polls, with thousands of participants from over 90 countries. All the events are archived below in chronological order. There is a lot to improve your bidding skill, and you should enjoy the humorous themes. For maximal benefit, try each poll as a challenge before reading the analyses.
Bidding Polls
Yesterday, Once More
Start Spreadin’ the News
2001: A Bridge Odyssey
Another Time, Another Place  
Catch a Falling Star
Bidding with Finess
When the Chips Are Down
Down by the Riverside
Long Research in Pairs
Aces and Plum Blossoms
The Netherland Showdown
A Gem-Rich Zoo in Zambia
Island of the Dinosaurs
Stanwyck Role and Sixty
Starry, Starry Night
Hamman Crewmen at Finis
Let the Good Times Roll
This Land Is Your Land
Crossroads of Eternal Hope  
Big Brother Is Watching
Wily Alvin Led USA in Tie
The Beast of Velvet Cave
On Top of the World
Turin Polls Raise Cain
The Verdict in 48 Hours
A Large Gala Occasion
Tales of the Wild West
Swan Song Nets Huge Loss
Stolen Crown Blinds Union
Second Place Rose Garden
The Legend of King Arthur
Fair Winds on the Plate
Island of the Coconuts
United State Wins Swiss
Law Bids Are in Mutiny
Deutschland’s Vienna Coup
2000-2006 Bidding Polls Bot Results & Rankings Bot’s Eye Views

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