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Bot Results & Rankings

From February 2001 to August 2006, I tested various computer bridge programs on the problems posed in my bidding polls and play contests. Results are summarized here. This should not be considered a rigid scientific test because certain factors could not be equalized; e.g., bidding system understandings, and the exact time allowed for each call or play. Programs with adjustable skill levels were tested at the highest setting not to exceed one minute per turn.

For amusement a fake bot, HAL 9000, was also included in the tests — call it payback for his misdeeds in “2001: A Space Odyssey.” HAL’s low scores were appreciated, not only for staking a perpetual claim on last place but for lowering the average bot score so the true bots were mostly above average.

Final Year RankingsSix Year StatsBidding PollsPlay Contests
Participation SummaryFinal YearSix Years
Number of bots89
Number of countries66
Bidding poll bot entries48263
Average bidding poll bot score38.77*37.87*
Play contest bot entries48263
Average play contest bot score35.56*34.46*

*including HAL so take this lightly

Final Year Rankings

These tables show the overall bot rankings for the final year (September 2005 to August 2006). As with the human polls and contests, only the highest four (of six) scores are used to compute averages.

Bidding Polls
150.501USBridge Baron405251534246
246.501DEQ-plus Bridge314536554442
344.751UKBlue Chip Bridge354636454741
543.753JPMicro Bridge414340474243
740.252CABridge Buff345241253334

Play Contests
341.001JPMicro Bridge303448314240
439.001DEQ-plus Bridge353345273442
539.002USBridge Baron353642354236
638.003UKBlue Chip Bridge342943334229
735.251CABridge Buff273035244924

Jack was created by Hans Kuijf (
GIB was created by Matthew Ginsberg (
Micro Bridge was created by Tomio and Yumiko Uchida (
Q-plus Bridge was created by Hans Leber (
Bridge Baron was created by Tom Throop, Stephen Smith and others (
Blue Chip Bridge was created by Ian Trackman and Mike Whittaker (
Bridge Buff was created by Doug Bennion (


Six Year Stats

Listed below are the bot leaders in various categories for all tested bidding polls and play contests (February 2001 to August 2006). Each category lists the top three places. Average score is used to break ties.

Bidding Polls
Highest Average Score
43.33USGIBUnited States
42.91JPMicro BridgeJapan
42.61USBridge BaronUnited States
Most 50+ Scores
6USBridge BaronUnited States
6UKBlue Chip BridgeUnited Kingdom
4DEQ-plus BridgeGermany
Most Times Above Average
12JPMicro BridgeJapan
10USBridge BaronUnited States
8USGIBUnited States
Highest Percent Times Above Average
36.36JPMicro BridgeJapan
30.30USBridge BaronUnited States
Highest Average Rank
3.27JPMicro BridgeJapan
3.67USGIBUnited States
3.79USBridge BaronUnited States
Most Wins
8USBridge BaronUnited States
6JPMicro BridgeJapan
6UKBlue Chip BridgeUnited Kingdom
Most Times Winner or Runner-up
12JPMicro BridgeJapan
11USGIBUnited States
11USBridge BaronUnited States
Most Top 3 Finishes
18JPMicro BridgeJapan
17USGIBUnited States
16USBridge BaronUnited States

Play Contests
Highest Average Score
45.85USGIBUnited States
37.97CABridge BuffCanada
Most 50+ Scores
8USGIBUnited States
1CABridge BuffCanada
Most Times Above Average
28USGIBUnited States
15CABridge BuffCanada
Highest Percent Times Above Average
84.85USGIBUnited States
45.45CABridge BuffCanada
Highest Average Rank
2.03USGIBUnited States
4.03CABridge BuffCanada
Most Wins
15USGIBUnited States
4CABridge BuffCanada
Most Times Winner or Runner-up
25USGIBUnited States
7CABridge BuffCanada
Most Top 3 Finishes
30USGIBUnited States
14DEQ-plus BridgeGermany


Bidding Polls

Listed below are the bot rankings for each bidding poll tested, most recent first. The version number of each program is shown after its name. Poll headings show the number of human entries and the average human score, which does not include the bot scores.

July 2006 — Deutschland’s Vienna Coup — 1404 entries — 46.37 avg
146USBridge Baron 16.0United States
244USGIB 6.1.3United States
343JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
442DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
541NLJack 3.01Netherlands
641UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.9United Kingdom
734CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
826USHAL 9004United States
May 2006 — Law Bids Are in Mutiny — 1533 entries — 47.83 avg
147UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.9United Kingdom
244DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
344USGIB 6.1.3United States
442JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
542USBridge Baron 16.0United States
642NLJack 3.01Netherlands
733CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
811USHAL 9004United States
March 2006 — United State Wins Swiss — 1580 entries — 46.21 avg
155DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
253USBridge Baron 16.0United States
347JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
447NLJack 3.01Netherlands
545UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.8United Kingdom
642USGIB 6.1.3United States
725CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
811USHAL 9004United States
January 2006 — Island of the Coconuts — 1603 entries — 45.92 avg
151USBridge Baron 16.0United States
241CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
340JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
440NLJack 3.01Netherlands
540USGIB 6.1.3United States
636UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.7United Kingdom
736DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
812USHAL 9003United States
November 2005 — Fair Winds on the Plate — 1491 entries — 47.30 avg
152USBridge Baron 16.0United States
252CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
346UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.6United Kingdom
446NLJack 3.01Netherlands
545DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
643JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
739USGIB 6.1.3United States
813USHAL 9003United States
September 2005 — The Legend of King Arthur — 1403 entries — 44.89 avg
144USGIB 6.1.3United States
243NLJack 3.01Netherlands
341JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
440USBridge Baron 15.0United States
535UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.6United Kingdom
634CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
731DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
814USHAL 9003United States
July 2005 — Second Place Rose Garden — 1307 entries — 44.67 avg
150DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
247JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
347USBridge Baron 15.0United States
447USGIB 6.1.3United States
546NLJack 3.01Netherlands
637UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.5United Kingdom
735CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
811USHAL 9003United States
May 2005 — Stolen Crown Blinds Union — 1435 entries — 43.95 avg
149USGIB 6.1.3United States
242NLJack 2.04Netherlands
340UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.3United Kingdom
439DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
535JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
633USBridge Baron 15.0United States
733CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
810USHAL 9003United States
March 2005 — Swan Song Nets Huge Loss — 1447 entries — 45.35 avg
150JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
248NLJack 2.04Netherlands
345DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
444USGIB 6.1.3United States
543USBridge Baron 15.0United States
636CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
723UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.2United Kingdom
88 USHAL 9003United States
January 2005 — Tales of the Wild West — 1450 entries — 44.09 avg
142USGIB 6.1.3United States
241CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
332NLJack 2.04Netherlands
431JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
530USBridge Baron 15.0United States
625UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.2United Kingdom
722DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
88 USHAL 9003United States
November 2004 — A Large Gala Occasion — 1276 entries — 45.20 avg
147JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
246USBridge Baron 15.0United States
344DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
441CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
541USGIB 6.1.3United States
634NLJack 2.04Netherlands
729UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.0United Kingdom
87 USHAL 9002United States
September 2004 — The Verdict in 48 Hours — 1410 entries — 44.52 avg
147DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
243NLJack 2.04Netherlands
341USBridge Baron 14.0United States
440USGIB 6.1.3United States
536CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
635JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
734UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.0United Kingdom
810USHAL 9002United States
July 2004 — Turin Polls Raise Cain — 1185 entries — 45.43 avg
148DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
248USGIB 6.1.3United States
345CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
441JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
539USBridge Baron 14.0United States
637NLJack 2.04Netherlands
733UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.0United Kingdom
824USHAL 9001United States
May 2004 — On Top of the World — 1265 entries — 45.06 avg
151USBridge Baron 14.0United States
246NLJack 2.03Netherlands
342JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
440DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
534UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.1.2United Kingdom
634CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
732USGIB 6.1.3United States
811USHAL 9001United States
March 2004 — The Beast of Velvet Cave — 1337 entries — 45.28 avg
152NLJack 2.03Netherlands
245UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.1.0United Kingdom
340JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
439USBridge Baron 14.0United States
537DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
636USGIB 6.1.3United States
734CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
810USHAL 9001United States
January 2004 — Wily Alvin Led USA in Tie — 1257 entries — 48.24 avg
152UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.1.0United Kingdom
246USGIB 6.1.3United States
344NLJack 2.0Netherlands
443JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
539CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
639DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
738USBridge Baron 14.0United States
810USHAL 9000United States
November 2003 — Big Brother Is Watching — 1149 entries — 46.18 avg
149JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
247NLJack 2.0Netherlands
345USBridge Baron 11.0United States
444CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
544DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
640USGIB 6.1.3United States
739UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.8United Kingdom
811USHAL 9000United States
September 2003 — Crossroads of Eternal Hope — 1117 entries — 47.31 avg
154USBridge Baron 11.0United States
249JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
349DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
448USGIB 6.1.3United States
546CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
640UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.7United Kingdom
736NLJack 2.0Netherlands
811USHAL 9000United States
July 2003 — This Land Is Your Land — 1083 entries — 46.21 avg
150DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
247JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
346USBridge Baron 11.0United States
442UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.6United Kingdom
542NLJack 2.0Netherlands
642USGIB 6.1.3United States
739CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
810USHAL 9000United States
May 2003 — Let the Good Times Roll — 1036 entries — 44.62 avg
148USBridge Baron 11.0United States
246JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
344UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.6United Kingdom
440CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
538DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
637USGIB 6.1.3United States
735NLJack 2.0Netherlands
86 USHAL 9000United States
March 2003 — Hamman Crewmen at Finis — 999 entries — 45.27 avg
154UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.5United Kingdom
252CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
348USGIB 6.1.3United States
447JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
545NLJack 2.0Netherlands
642DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
737USBridge Baron 11.0United States
88 USHAL 9000United States
January 2003 — Starry, Starry Night — 1035 entries — 47.05 avg
149JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
248CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
347NLJack 2.0Netherlands
444UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.1United Kingdom
543USGIB 6.1.3United States
638USBridge Baron 11.0United States
738DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
814USHAL 9000United States
November 2002 — Stanwyck Role and Sixty — 939 entries — 46.74 avg
151UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.1United Kingdom
247USGIB 6.1.0United States
346USBridge Baron 11.0United States
446DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
543JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
641CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
727USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
88 USHAL 9000United States
September 2002 — Island of the Dinosaurs — 900 entries — 49.37 avg
153USGIB 6.1.0United States
249USBridge Baron 11.0United States
348UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.0United Kingdom
440USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
536DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
632CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
732JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
810USHAL 9000United States
July 2002 — A Gem-Rich Zoo in Zambia — 875 entries — 46.94 avg
150UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
250JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
349USGIB 4.1.12United States
447CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
545USBridge Baron 11.0United States
645DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
731USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
810USHAL 9000United States
May 2002 — The Netherland Showdown — 844 entries — 46.42 avg
151UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
246USGIB 4.1.12United States
342DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
439JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
531CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
629USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
726USBridge Baron 11.0United States
810USHAL 9000United States
March 2002 — Aces and Plum Blossoms — 813 entries — 47.33 avg
149CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
246USGIB 4.1.12United States
341UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
441DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
539JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
635USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
733USBridge Baron 11.0United States
813USHAL 9000United States
January 2002 — Long Research in Pairs — 767 entries — 46.93 avg
144JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
243USGIB 4.1.12United States
341CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
441USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
539USBridge Baron 11.0United States
635DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
733UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
89 USHAL 9000United States
November 2001 — Down by the Riverside — 714 entries — 46.28 avg
146JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
245CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
345USGIB 4.1.12United States
444UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
541DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
639USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
737USBridge Baron 11.0United States
811USHAL 9000United States
September 2001 — When the Chips Are Down — 577 entries — 47.64 avg
141CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
240UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
339USGIB 4.1.12United States
437USBridge Baron 11.0United States
537DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
635JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
734USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
814USHAL 9000United States
July 2001 — Bidding with Finess — 583 entries — 47.93 avg
146USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
243UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
342USGIB 4.1.2United States
441JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
541DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
634CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
732USBridge Baron 11.0United States
87 USHAL 9000United States
May 2001 — Catch a Falling Star — 519 entries — 47.34 avg
148USBridge Baron 11.0United States
245JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
345DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
443USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
537USGIB 4.1.2United States
634CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
711USHAL 9000United States
March 2001 — Another Time, Another Place — 294 entries — 47.39 avg
155USBridge Baron 11.0United States
251DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
350UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.0United Kingdom
448JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
547USGIB 4.1.2United States
642CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
734USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
815USHAL 9000United States


Play Contests

Listed below are the bot rankings for each play contest tested, most recent first. The version number of each program is shown after its name. Contest headings show the number of human entries and the average human score, which does not include the bot scores.

August 2006 — The Twelfth of Never — 1001 entries — 43.51 avg
151NLJack 3.01Netherlands
245USGIB 6.1.3United States
342DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
440JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
536USBridge Baron 16.0United States
629UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.9United Kingdom
724CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
814USHAL 9004United States
June 2006 — Slick Willy and Monique — 952 entries — 38.33 avg
149CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
249NLJack 3.01Netherlands
344USGIB 6.1.3United States
442JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
542USBridge Baron 16.0United States
642UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.9United Kingdom
734DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
824USHAL 9004United States
April 2006 — Six Against The Rock — 1056 entries — 41.86 avg
151USGIB 6.1.3United States
249NLJack 3.01Netherlands
335USBridge Baron 16.0United States
433UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.9United Kingdom
531JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
627DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
724CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
811USHAL 9004United States
February 2006 — The First Bridge Biathlon — 1053 entries — 39.69 avg
148JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
247USGIB 6.1.3United States
345DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
443UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.8United Kingdom
542USBridge Baron 16.0United States
640NLJack 3.01Netherlands
735CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
824USHAL 9004United States
December 2005 — I Heard the Bells — 1108 entries — 42.18 avg
148NLJack 3.01Netherlands
248USGIB 6.1.3United States
336USBridge Baron 15.0United States
434JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
533DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
630CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
729UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.6United Kingdom
810USHAL 9003United States
October 2005 — Finesses of Frankenstein — 904 entries — 38.87 avg
135DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
235USBridge Baron 16.0United States
334UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.6United Kingdom
434NLJack 3.01Netherlands
530JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
630USGIB 6.1.3United States
727CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
822USHAL 9003United States
August 2005 — The Man Who Bid Too Much — 897 entries — 40.99 avg
147USBridge Baron 15.0United States
244USGIB 6.1.3United States
342UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.5United Kingdom
440CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
540NLJack 3.01Netherlands
630JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
727DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
812USHAL 9003United States
June 2005 — Par for the Course — 966 entries — 39.60 avg
144USGIB 6.1.3United States
243JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
343NLJack 3.01Netherlands
438USBridge Baron 15.0United States
533CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
628UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.4United Kingdom
725DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
814USHAL 9003United States
April 2005 — Gamebusters! — 964 entries — 40.70 avg
152USGIB 6.1.3United States
251NLJack 2.04Netherlands
347JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
446UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.3United Kingdom
542USBridge Baron 15.0United States
636DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
734CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
811USHAL 9003United States
February 2005 — Mission: Implausible — 1153 entries — 38.44 avg
149CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
248USGIB 6.1.3United States
343UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.2United Kingdom
439NLJack 2.04Netherlands
536USBridge Baron 15.0United States
629JPMicro Bridge 11.00Japan
729DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
823USHAL 9003United States
December 2004 — Let Your Heart Be Light — 1040 entries — 38.38 avg
148USBridge Baron 15.0United States
247NLJack 2.04Netherlands
345DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
445CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
539UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.1United Kingdom
637USGIB 6.1.3United States
731JPMicro Bridge 11.0Japan
826USHAL 9002United States
October 2004 — Horrors of the Wax Museum — 902 entries — 40.90 avg
151NLJack 2.04Netherlands
249USBridge Baron 14.0United States
349USGIB 6.1.3United States
448CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
543UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.0United Kingdom
642DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
732JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
823USHAL 9002United States
August 2004 — The Modern Hexathlon — 871 entries — 37.88 avg
156CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
255NLJack 2.04Netherlands
353USGIB 6.1.3United States
444UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.2.0United Kingdom
540JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
626DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
717USBridge Baron 14.0United States
814USHAL 9002United States
June 2004 — The Falcon Is Found! — 891 entries — 37.88 avg
156NLJack 2.03Netherlands
255USGIB 6.1.3United States
340DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
439CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
529USBridge Baron 14.0United States
620UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.1.3United Kingdom
717JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
811USHAL 9001United States
April 2004 — The Worst Leading Man — 908 entries — 38.91 avg
148UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.1.1United Kingdom
248USGIB 6.1.3United States
345CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
443DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
541JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
637USBridge Baron 14.0United States
735NLJack 2.03Netherlands
810USHAL 9001United States
February 2004 — Distribution Most Foul — 838 entries — 37.80 avg
156USGIB 6.1.3United States
248NLJack 2.03Netherlands
336DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
433USBridge Baron 14.0United States
533CABridge Buff 11.0Canada
626JPMicro Bridge 10.02Japan
725UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.1.0United Kingdom
89 USHAL 9000United States
December 2003 — Our Finest Gifts We Bring — 854 entries — 40.47 avg
155NLJack 2.0Netherlands
246USBridge Baron 14.0United States
345JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
444UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.8United Kingdom
544USGIB 6.1.3United States
634DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
731CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
812USHAL 9000United States
October 2003 — The House on Phantom Lane — 690 entries — 37.29 avg
154NLJack 2.0Netherlands
248DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
348USGIB 6.1.3United States
445CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
539UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.8United Kingdom
630JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
728USBridge Baron 11.0United States
813USHAL 9000United States
August 2003 — The Game Is Afoot — 838 entries — 37.32 avg
143USGIB 6.1.3United States
242UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.7United Kingdom
338DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
437NLJack 2.0Netherlands
535USBridge Baron 11.0United States
634CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
733JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
811USHAL 9000United States
June 2003 — Valley of the Kings — 752 entries — 39.10 avg
144NLJack 2.0Netherlands
243USGIB 6.1.3United States
341CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
439USBridge Baron 11.0United States
538UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.6United Kingdom
637JPMicro Bridge 10.01Japan
731DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
810USHAL 9000United States
April 2003 — Delusions of Grandeur — 732 entries — 40.06 avg
140USGIB 6.1.3United States
239UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.5United Kingdom
339CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
436USBridge Baron 11.0United States
536JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
634NLJack 2.0Netherlands
729DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
811USHAL 9000United States
February 2003 — Have Cards, Will Double — 776 entries — 38.87 avg
153UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.1United Kingdom
243NLJack 2.0Netherlands
341USGIB 6.1.3United States
436CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
531USBridge Baron 11.0United States
628JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
726DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
810USHAL 9000United States
December 2002 — Visions of Sugar Plums — 637 entries — 40.64 avg
143USGIB 6.1.0United States
242NLJack 2.0Netherlands
334CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
431UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.1United Kingdom
530JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
627DEQ-plus Bridge 7.1Germany
718USBridge Baron 11.0United States
812USHAL 9000United States
October 2002 — The Lake Erie Ghost Ship — 662 entries — 39.66 avg
154USGIB 6.1.0United States
243CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
336DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
428UKBlue Chip Bridge 4.0.0United Kingdom
528JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
621USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
715USBridge Baron 11.0United States
812USHAL 9000United States
August 2002 — Slammin’ Sammy Goes Deep — 638 entries — 39.24 avg
142JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
242USGIB 4.1.12United States
336DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
432CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
530USBridge Baron 11.0United States
626USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
725UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
811USHAL 9000United States
June 2002 — The Clubhouse Collection — 566 entries — 37.55 avg
146USGIB 4.1.12United States
237USBridge Baron 11.0United States
333UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
432CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
532USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
623JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
718DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
810USHAL 9000United States
April 2002 — Keep the Ship Afloat — 687 entries — 37.71 avg
142USGIB 4.1.12United States
233DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
318UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
418USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
517CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
615USBridge Baron 11.0United States
715JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
813USHAL 9000United States
February 2002 — Leading for the Gold — 754 entries — 42.75 avg
155USGIB 4.1.12United States
255JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
351DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
449CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
543UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
640USBridge Baron 11.0United States
731USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
816USHAL 9000United States
December 2001 — Do You Hear What I Hear? — 522 entries — 39.90 avg
148USGIB 4.1.12United States
244CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
343JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
440USBridge Baron 11.0United States
537DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
636UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
733USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
811USHAL 9000United States
October 2001 — The Tell-Tale Hearts — 526 entries — 41.77 avg
150USGIB 4.1.12United States
246DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
342CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
430USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
529USBridge Baron 11.0United States
629JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
720UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
813USHAL 9000United States
August 2001 — Dog Days of Summer — 327 entries — 41.88 avg
149CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
235USGIB 4.1.12United States
332UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.3United Kingdom
428DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
518USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
616USBridge Baron 11.0United States
713JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
810USHAL 9000United States
June 2001 — Diamonds Are Forever — 335 entries — 40.46 avg
140USGIB 4.1.2United States
236JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
332CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
432DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
530USBridge Baron 11.0United States
629USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
711USHAL 9000United States
February 2001 — Counselor for the Defense — 204 entries — 37.19 avg
148USGIB 4.1.2United States
242CABridge Buff 8.0Canada
339DEQ-plus Bridge 6.1Germany
436JPMicro Bridge 9.01Japan
532UKBlue Chip Bridge 3.4.0United Kingdom
631USFinesse Bridge 2.5United States
727USBridge Baron 11.0United States
89 USHAL 9000United States


© 2006 Richard Pavlicek