Exercise 6D41   Main

No Finesses!

  by Richard Pavlicek

You have reached the finals of the World Bridge Championship! The last match is against two tough henchmen from Romania, and near the end you pick up the following hand:

N-S Vul
S K Q J 10 9 8 7
H 4
D 4
C K 5 4 3

Your partner opens 2 NT and the mean-looking man on your right passes.

What do you bid?

Your bid is the Gerber convention and partner bids 4 NT.

How many aces does this show?

You now know enough to place the final contract.

Where would you like to play this hand?

There you be, as everyone passes.

Exercise 6D41   MainTop   No Finesses!

The henchman on your left utters a Romanian curse word as he tables the H 3. This is what you see:

N-S Vul
S A 5
H Q J 10
D A K J 7 2
C A J 2

All Pass
2 NT
4 NT
4 C
6 S
Lead: H 3 Table
S K Q J 10 9 8 7
H 4
D 4
6 S SouthC K 5 4 3

How many top tricks?

East wins the H A at trick one and angrily leads back the H 5.

Who do you think has the H K?

Will you ruff this trick?

Which side suit offers the best chance to make your slam?

In this suit do you plan to finesse dummy’s jack?

Which top trump (ace or king) do you win first?

Both henchmen follow.

What do you lead next?

You win the D A-K and ruff a diamond, as West violently chucks a heart when he can’t overruff.

Exercise 6D41   MainTop   No Finesses!

These cards remain:

South leads
D J 7
C A J 2
S trump
win 7/7
S Q J 10 9
C K 5 4

Is it possible to set up dummy’s long diamond?

Does this mean you will require the club finesse?

Is there a squeeze chance?

Which suit do you lead?

East shows out (smugly tossing a heart).

Which card will you lead from dummy?

You ruff and lead the S Q to draw West’s last trump.

What will you discard from dummy?

Exercise 6D41   MainTop   No Finesses!

Only four cards remain, as both henchmen reach inside their trench coats. Do they have guns? Anyway, this is what you see now:

South leads
S trump
win 4/4
C K 5 4

Which card will you lead from your hand?

The West henchman squirms and pitches a club.

What do you discard from dummy?

The East henchman must keep the D Q, so he also pitches a club as he curses up a storm. Fortunately, you don’t speak Romanian!

Which card do you expect will win the last trick?

Congratulations! You executed a double squeeze to win the World Championship. The good news is that your teammates are ecstatic. The bad news is that your name is on the henchmen’s hit list. At least you won’t be planning any trips to Romania! The henchmen held:

S 6 3 2
H K 8 6 3 2
D 6 5
C 10 7 6
Table S 4
H A 9 7 5
D Q 10 9 8 3
C Q 9 8

Can 6 S be made after any lead and any defense?

Exercise 6D41   MainTop   No Finesses!

© 2014 Richard Pavlicek