Bidding Practice
Practice Deals (1-4)
Practice Deals (1-16)

Bidding Practice
1F29Beginner Review IBiddingBidding & awards212
1N29Beginner Review IIBiddingBidding & awards212
2U17Bidding Review IBiddingBidding & awards212
2V17Bidding Review IIBiddingBidding & awards212
3M81Slam Bidding IBiddingMixed & awards212
3R53Slam Bidding IIBiddingBidding & awards212
3S17Slam Judgment IBiddingBidding & awards212
3S41Slam Judgment IIBiddingMixed & awards212
3V23Bidding Challenge IBiddingHand strips E-W650
3V26Bidding Challenge IIBiddingHand strips E-W650
5G29Transfer BidsBiddingBidding & awards212
5H29Splinter BidsBiddingBidding & awards212
5J29One Notrump ForcingBiddingBidding & awards212
5K29Two-over-One Game ForceBiddingBidding & awards212
5L29New Minor ForcingBiddingBidding & awards212
5M29Fourth Suit ForcingBiddingBidding & awards212
5N29Inverted Minor RaisesBiddingMixed & awards212
5P29Astro & Defense to 1 NTBiddingDef-Bid & awards212
5T53Favorite ConventionsBiddingMixed & awards212
5U29Michaels & Unusual NotrumpBiddingDef-Bid & awards212
5V69Competitive Bidding IBiddingCompet. & awards212
5V81Competitive Bidding IIBiddingCompet. & awards212


The following practice deals fit duplicate boards 1-4 for dealer and vulnerability.
There are 437 sets (pages) and each set is arranged so each hand is declarer once.

Practice Deals (1-4)
1A01 P2Opening One-BidsPracticeDeal summary312
1B01 P3Responses to One NotrumpPracticeDeal summary312
1C01 P4Responses to One of SuitPracticeDeal summary312
1D01 P5Rebids by OpenerPracticeDeal summary312
1E01 P6Planning the PlayPracticeDeal summary416
1F01Bidding Review IPracticeDeal summary28
1G01 P7Overcalls & DoublesPracticeDeal summary312
1H01 P8Higher Opening BidsPracticeDeal summary416
1J01 P9The Stayman ConventionPracticeDeal summary312
1K01 P10Bidding After a RaisePracticeDeal summary28
1L01 P11Slam BiddingPracticeDeal summary28
1M01 P12Defensive PlayPracticeDeal summary416
1N01Bidding Review IIPracticeDeal summary28
1P01Bidding Review IIIPracticeDeal summary28
2A01Opening One-BidsPracticeDeal summary28
2B01Responses to One NotrumpPracticeDeal summary416
2C01Responses to Minor OpeningsPracticeDeal summary28
2D01Rebids by OpenerPracticeDeal summary416
2E01Rebids by ResponderPracticeDeal summary416
2F01Bidding After a RaisePracticeDeal summary28
2G01OvercallsPracticeDeal summary416
2H01Coping with InterferencePracticeDeal summary416
2J01Preemptive Opening BidsPracticeDeal summary28
2K01Weak Two-BidsPracticeDeal summary28
2L01Strong Opening BidsPracticeDeal summary28
2M01Control-Showing BidsPracticeDeal summary416
2N01Planning the PlayPracticeDeal summary416
2P01Finessing TechniquePracticeDeal summary312
2Q01Using Your TrumpsPracticeDeal summary416
2R01Leads & SignalsPracticeDeal summary416
2S01Second Hand PlayPracticeDeal summary312
2T01Defensive TacticsPracticeDeal summary312
2U01Bidding Review IPracticeDeal summary14
2V01Bidding Review IIPracticeDeal summary14
2Y01Overtricks ‘R’ UsPracticeDeal summary14
3A01Notrump AuctionsPracticeDeal summary416
3B01Responses to Suit BidsPracticeDeal summary520
3C01Rebids by OpenerPracticeDeal summary624
3D01Rebids by ResponderPracticeDeal summary624
3E01Opener’s Third BidPracticeDeal summary624
3F01Bidding After a RaisePracticeDeal summary624
3G01OvercallsPracticeDeal summary520
3H01Takeout DoublesPracticeDeal summary624
3J01Preemptive BidsPracticeDeal summary624
3K01Weak Two-BidsPracticeDeal summary520
3K21Pavlicek Weak-Two RebidsPracticeDeal summary14
3L01Strong Two-Club BidPracticeDeal summary624
3M01Suit Slam BiddingPracticeDeal summary728
3N01Two-over-One AuctionsPracticeDeal summary520
3P01Bidding JudgmentPracticeDeal summary312
3Q01Defensive Bidding JudgmentPracticeDeal summary312
3R01Notrump Slam BiddingPracticeDeal summary416
3S01Slam Bidding JudgmentPracticeDeal summary312
3T01Strong Opening HandsPracticeDeal summary14
3U01Partnership AgreementsPracticeDeal summary14
3V01Practice with RichardPracticeDeal summary416
5A01Negative DoublesPracticeDeal summary520
5B01Penalty DoublesPracticeDeal summary416
5C01Coping with InterferencePracticeDeal summary520
5D01Competing & SacrificingPracticeDeal summary520
5E01Balancing Bids & DoublesPracticeDeal summary520
5F01Combating Weak OpeningsPracticeDeal summary624
5G01Transfer BidsPracticeDeal summary312
5H01Splinter BidsPracticeDeal summary312
5J01One Notrump ForcingPracticeDeal summary28
5K01Two-over-One Game ForcePracticeDeal summary312
5L01New Minor ForcingPracticeDeal summary28
5M01Fourth Suit ForcingPracticeDeal summary28
5N01Inverted Minor RaisesPracticeDeal summary28
5P01Defense to One NotrumpPracticeDeal summary312
5Q01Michaels Cue-BidPracticeDeal summary28
5R01Understanding Cue-BidsPracticeDeal summary14
5S01Understanding DoublesPracticeDeal summary14
5T01Favorite ConventionsPracticeDeal summary416
5U01Unusual Notrump BidsPracticeDeal summary28
5V01Competitive BiddingPracticeDeal summary416
4A01Card CombinationsPracticeDeal summary520
4B01Going with the OddsPracticeDeal summary624
4C01Notrump Play TechniquePracticeDeal summary624
4D01Suit Play TechniquePracticeDeal summary832
4E01Important Suit TacticsPracticeDeal summary728
4F01Trump ControlPracticeDeal summary520
4G01Notrump Leads & StrategyPracticeDeal summary520
4H01Suit Leads & StrategyPracticeDeal summary520
4J01Signaling MethodsPracticeDeal summary520
4K01Third Hand PlayPracticeDeal summary520
4L01Second Hand PlayPracticeDeal summary416
4M01Defensive Trump TacticsPracticeDeal summary624
4N01Trick One TipsPracticeDeal summary624
4P01Suit EstablishmentPracticeDeal summary520
4Q01Combining Your ChancesPracticeDeal summary624
4R01EndplaysPracticeDeal summary624
4S01Entries & CommunicationPracticeDeal summary728
4T01Timing the PlayPracticeDeal summary520
4U01General Winning TipsPracticeDeal summary28
4V01Declarer Play ReviewPracticeDeal summary416
6A01Counting by DeclarerPracticeDeal summary624
6B01Matchpoint StrategyPracticeDeal summary728
6C01Squeeze PlaysPracticeDeal summary1040
6D01Squeeze! Don’t Finesse!PracticeDeal summary1040
6E01Throw-In PlaysPracticeDeal summary1040
6F01Trump EndingsPracticeDeal summary728
6G01Defensive Card CombinationsPracticeDeal summary520
6H01Counting on DefensePracticeDeal summary832
6J01When To Win or DuckPracticeDeal summary624
6K01Squeeze DefensePracticeDeal summary14
6M01Suit Preference SignalsPracticeDeal summary28


The following practice deals are the same as above contentwise, but adjusted
to fit duplicate boards 1-16. This produces 109 sets of 16 deals each.

Practice Deals (1-16)
1X01 BBBeginner Set 1PracticeDeal summary416
1X02 BBBeginner Set 2PracticeDeal summary416
1X03 BBBeginner Set 3PracticeDeal summary416
1X04 BBBeginner Set 4PracticeDeal summary416
1X05 BBBeginner Set 5PracticeDeal summary416
1X06 BBBeginner Set 6PracticeDeal summary416
1X07 BBBeginner Set 7PracticeDeal summary416
1X08 BBBeginner Set 8PracticeDeal summary416
1X09 BBBeginner Set 9PracticeDeal summary416
1X10 BBBeginner Set 10PracticeDeal summary416
2X01Intermediate Set 1PracticeDeal summary416
2X02Intermediate Set 2PracticeDeal summary416
2X03Intermediate Set 3PracticeDeal summary416
2X04Intermediate Set 4PracticeDeal summary416
2X05Intermediate Set 5PracticeDeal summary416
2X06Intermediate Set 6PracticeDeal summary416
2X07Intermediate Set 7PracticeDeal summary416
2X08Intermediate Set 8PracticeDeal summary416
2X09Intermediate Set 9PracticeDeal summary416
2X10Intermediate Set 10PracticeDeal summary416
2X11Intermediate Set 11PracticeDeal summary416
2X12Intermediate Set 12PracticeDeal summary416
2X13Intermediate Set 13PracticeDeal summary416
2X14Intermediate Set 14PracticeDeal summary416
2X15Intermediate Set 15PracticeDeal summary416
3X01Advanced Bidding Set 1PracticeDeal summary416
3X02Advanced Bidding Set 2PracticeDeal summary416
3X03Advanced Bidding Set 3PracticeDeal summary416
3X04Advanced Bidding Set 4PracticeDeal summary416
3X05Advanced Bidding Set 5PracticeDeal summary416
3X06Advanced Bidding Set 6PracticeDeal summary416
3X07Advanced Bidding Set 7PracticeDeal summary416
3X08Advanced Bidding Set 8PracticeDeal summary416
3X09Advanced Bidding Set 9PracticeDeal summary416
3X10Advanced Bidding Set 10PracticeDeal summary416
3X11Advanced Bidding Set 11PracticeDeal summary416
3X12Advanced Bidding Set 12PracticeDeal summary416
3X13Advanced Bidding Set 13PracticeDeal summary416
3X14Advanced Bidding Set 14PracticeDeal summary416
3X15Advanced Bidding Set 15PracticeDeal summary416
3X16Advanced Bidding Set 16PracticeDeal summary416
3X17Advanced Bidding Set 17PracticeDeal summary416
3X18Advanced Bidding Set 18PracticeDeal summary416
3X19Advanced Bidding Set 19PracticeDeal summary416
3X20Advanced Bidding Set 20PracticeDeal summary416
3X21Advanced Bidding Set 21PracticeDeal summary416
3X22Advanced Bidding Set 22PracticeDeal summary416
3X23Advanced Bidding Set 23PracticeDeal summary416
3X24Advanced Bidding Set 24PracticeDeal summary416
3X25Advanced Bidding Set 25PracticeDeal summary416
3X26Advanced Bidding Set 26PracticeDeal summary416
3X27Advanced Bidding Set 27PracticeDeal summary416
3X28Advanced Bidding Set 28PracticeDeal summary416
3X29Advanced Bidding Set 29PracticeDeal summary416
3X30Advanced Bidding Set 30PracticeDeal summary416
3X31Advanced Bidding Set 31PracticeDeal summary416
3X32Advanced Bidding Set 32PracticeDeal summary416
3X33Advanced Bidding Set 33PracticeDeal summary416
3X34Advanced Bidding Set 34PracticeDeal summary416
3X35Advanced Bidding Set 35PracticeDeal summary416
3X36Advanced Bidding Set 36PracticeDeal summary416
3X37Advanced Bidding Set 37PracticeDeal summary416
3X38Advanced Bidding Set 38PracticeDeal summary416
3X39Advanced Bidding Set 39PracticeDeal summary416
4X01Advanced Play Set 1PracticeDeal summary416
4X02Advanced Play Set 2PracticeDeal summary416
4X03Advanced Play Set 3PracticeDeal summary416
4X04Advanced Play Set 4PracticeDeal summary416
4X05Advanced Play Set 5PracticeDeal summary416
4X06Advanced Play Set 6PracticeDeal summary416
4X07Advanced Play Set 7PracticeDeal summary416
4X08Advanced Play Set 8PracticeDeal summary416
4X09Advanced Play Set 9PracticeDeal summary416
4X10Advanced Play Set 10PracticeDeal summary416
4X11Advanced Play Set 11PracticeDeal summary416
4X12Advanced Play Set 12PracticeDeal summary416
4X13Advanced Play Set 13PracticeDeal summary416
4X14Advanced Play Set 14PracticeDeal summary416
4X15Advanced Play Set 15PracticeDeal summary416
4X16Advanced Play Set 16PracticeDeal summary416
4X17Advanced Play Set 17PracticeDeal summary416
4X18Advanced Play Set 18PracticeDeal summary416
4X19Advanced Play Set 19PracticeDeal summary416
4X20Advanced Play Set 20PracticeDeal summary416
4X21Advanced Play Set 21PracticeDeal summary416
4X22Advanced Play Set 22PracticeDeal summary416
4X23Advanced Play Set 23PracticeDeal summary416
4X24Advanced Play Set 24PracticeDeal summary416
4X25Advanced Play Set 25PracticeDeal summary416
4X26Advanced Play Set 26PracticeDeal summary416
4X27Advanced Play Set 27PracticeDeal summary416
4X28Advanced Play Set 28PracticeDeal summary416
4X29Advanced Play Set 29PracticeDeal summary416
4X30Advanced Play Set 30PracticeDeal summary416
4X31Advanced Play Set 31PracticeDeal summary416
4X32Advanced Play Set 32PracticeDeal summary416
4X33Advanced Play Set 33PracticeDeal summary416
4X34Advanced Play Set 34PracticeDeal summary416
4X35Advanced Play Set 35PracticeDeal summary416
4X36Advanced Play Set 36PracticeDeal summary416
4X37Advanced Play Set 37PracticeDeal summary416
4X38Advanced Play Set 38PracticeDeal summary416
4X39Advanced Play Set 39PracticeDeal summary416
4X40Advanced Play Set 40PracticeDeal summary416
4X41Advanced Play Set 41PracticeDeal summary416
4X42Advanced Play Set 42PracticeDeal summary416
4X43Advanced Play Set 43PracticeDeal summary416
4X44Advanced Play Set 44PracticeDeal summary416
4X45Advanced Play Set 45PracticeDeal summary416


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