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Current Bridge Puzzles

The following bridge puzzles (most recent first) are open and accepting entries. Are you clever enough to make the successful solver lists? Puzzles with fewer than three optimal solutions still have medals to be claimed. Is the next one for you?

Middle School Mania41Duncan Bell, England??
High Cards Amiss62Duncan Bell, EnglandJean-Christophe Clement, France?
The Deep Six44Tim Broeken, NetherlandsDuncan Bell, EnglandJean-Christophe Clement, France
Diamond Stack63Andrew Spooner, AustraliaTim Broeken, NetherlandsJean-Christophe Clement, France
Venusian Victory119Grant Peacock, MarylandJean-Baptiste Courtois, FranceDuncan Bell, England
Pay No Taxes!147Duncan Bell, EnglandTim Broeken, NetherlandsVenk Natarajan, Utah
Board Thirteen Blues30???
Bridge with the Abbott175Duncan Bell, EnglandTim Broeken, NetherlandsMartin Vodicka, Slovakia
Abracadabra, Ace Benign90???
Deuce Trey Exchange152Tina Denlee, QuebecJean-Christophe Clement, France?
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