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Improve Your Game “The Fun Way”

  by Richard Pavlicek

Harry Lampert of Deerfield Beach (and Lenox, Mass.) has once again combined his talents as a professional cartoonist and excellent bridge writer. His latest offering, The Fun Way To Advanced Bridge (published by Simon & Schuster, 158 pp., $6.95), no doubt inspired by popular demand, is a sequel to The Fun Way To Serious Bridge.

Advanced Bridge is a potpourri of useful bridge advice — defense, declarer play, bidding, conventions — that is sure to improve anyone’s game. The novelty of the book is the inclusion of many captioned cartoons which humorously illustrate the material. I must admit that I couldn’t put the book down until I read each and every one.

Today’s deal is from the section on declarer play, and illustrates the throw-in play at a notrump contract. South is declarer in three notrump after a routine auction. Lampert writes:

3 NT South
Both Vul
S 7 4 3
H 8 7 6
D A J 6
C K Q J 4


3 NT

1 NT
S K Q J 9
H K 9 4
D 9 7 5 3
C 9 3
TableS 10 8
H J 10 5 3 2
D Q 8 4
C 10 8 2

Lead: S K
S A 6 5 2
D K 10 2
C A 7 6 5

“As West leads the spade king, you count that you have eight winners off the top. You hold up, winning the third spade round as East shows out. Cash your four club tricks making sure to wind up in your hand. This strips West of the club suit.

“Play the spade eight from your hand, discarding a small heart from dummy, which puts West into the lead. He now must play a diamond or a heart (that’s all he’s got) and your contract is assured. As a matter of fact, you also have a safe chance for an overtrick by taking a finesse in the suit that was not led.”

The deal is preceded by a cartoon depicting a lady in a polka-dot dress taunting her mustached male opponent, “No ruff ‘n’ sluff…but I gotcha in the end, anyway!”

Of course, you really must see the book to enjoy it.

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© 1985 Richard Pavlicek